Senior Progression Designer
Full Time, Bellevue WA

First Strike Games is seeking a detail-oriented & creative Sr. Progression Designer to help build our first multiplayer game.  Progression Designers at First Strike are responsible for creating engaging retention mechanics and working with a multi-disciplinary team to develop the content that will keep players endlessly engaged with our product.


  • Work with design leadership, art, engineering, animation, and audio to deliver systems that epitomize the vision of the game.
  • Drive the design of all progression and monetization features, taking them from prototype to finely polished shippable experiences.
  • Balance and tune content for players of all engagement levels.
  • Construct data models to predict player behavior and tune those models to maximize player retention.
  • Gather and respond to internal feedback making design changes as necessary.
  • Concisely create and organize design documentation to communicate effectively with team members.


  • Experience designing progression and monetization systems for multiple titles.
  • Robust written and verbal communication skills to communicate concisely design ideas to teammates from all disciplines.
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of player motivations and patterns of play.
  • Strong technical skills and scripting experience.
  • Thrive in a collaborative, iterative development environment.
  • Self-motivated and self-directed.
  • Absolute passion for playing and making console and PC games.

About First Strike Games
First Strike Games is a multiplayer focused game studio founded by industry veterans. FSG is currently developing AAA experiences for PC and Console. For more information please visit, or contact us directly at